: News, trust, and “truthiness”!

After reading through, quite a number of my classmates blogs the common conclusion seems to be that satirical news reports are not the most reliable type of news report that we have access to. However, although most agreed it is fairly reliable, many seem to be of the opinion its less not false completely . I believe this to be pretty much on par with my argument it needs to be taken with a grain of salt when you hear the story but you still get the majority of the story, not the finer details.

One such quote from one of my classmates  “They report the same or very similar stories as you would see on CBC news or any other legitimate news source but the difference is sources like the Daily Show and The Rick Mercer Report do it in a comedic way.” (http://ashleyadrienne.blogspot.ca/2013/11/is-fake-news-real-news.html). This is one of the strongest argument I think for it being a reliable source despite adding the humour, the story is the same, the details are not which is why it can only give us the main idea but it still provides us most of the information.

A second quote “People don’t want to spend the little free time they get watching depressing news stories, instead they would want to watch something that would make them laugh, feel better and at the same time inform them about what is going on “(http://ha12dz.wordpress.com/).  This also is a great explanation, we don’t have time to watch the news for hours, and in our free time comedy is much more appreciated then normal news because even serious things are lighter to handle. This speaks to the facts that for the media to get us the information they need to concise it and give it to us humorously so yes we lose the smaller details but get the big picture and can look it up if we wish.

A third strong quote in favour of the legitimacy behind these shows ““while these satirical forms of media are often looked upon as more for entertainment than actual knowledge, they do inform the viewer of current events to the same extent that traditional media would” (http://keenbeau80.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/is-the-fake-news-the-real-news/).  This point is a great one because when we do something for enjoyment not for force or something we retain it because of the interest factor. So by doing these stories were learning and we don’t even know it. Like high school you succeed in the classes you enjoy more than the ones you do not.

As I stated my classmates believe these shows add to the media sphere, although are not a perfect story they do allow us to get the bulk of the story. So satirical media should stay a part of television and news reporting. 

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