Is the fake news the real news?

Culture jamming, is a part of society as quoted by our textbook “Culture jamming is a mode of resistance to the norms and conventions of mass culture that exposes and opposes the media’s underlying power structures and ideological messages”1.  I take this to mean that it is a type of media which goes against the norm, and shows a different side.

Satirical news reporting such as shows like the Rick mercer report, or the today show would in my mind for sure be example of mainstream culture jamming. The reason shows like this would be considered culture jamming is what the purpose of culture jamming is. Culture jamming main purpose is to raise awareness of consciousness of  social or political issues, It also is uses to criticize and question such things.2

Night time TV and these reality TV shows do all of the above, they question, they bring influential people onto these shows like politicians, iconic media figures and the like and ask them things on national television. It is true they ask only questions which will not blatantly embarrass the people being interviewed but also try and pull out the side of the story we don’t always get. By bringing these people on television, it gives us a chance to hear what they have to say not just read it, where it can be interpreted differently. 

These shows are in my mind one of the only real examples of culture jamming left, do to how they approach the situation. They give us such a different side of the media, compared to the normal question and answer of random interviewers, they give us a face to the questions. By these shows being known for who is doing the questions, it gives us a chance to understand who is doing the asking and learning a sense of trust in what they do. This trust allows for questions to have more meaning and know what they are telling us is more truthful.

Athletes, politician, other well known figures in societies grow up learning about these shows, it’s an honour to be on them and it allows us to trust these people when now on it to get the real truth. The side that we may never see on Facebook, twitter, or other such social media sources as they give us the interesting aspects to gain views, not necessarily the truth. These shows are watching by millions and millions of people, they are on TV because people like them they have gained trust in them and they offer us a change of pace. 



1.Shaughnessy, Michael, and Jane Stadler. “Culture jamming and Counter-hedgemony.” Media & society. 5th ed. South Melbourne, Vic.: Oxford University Press, 2008. 213. Print.

 2.Shaughnessy, Michael, and Jane Stadler. “Culture jamming and Counter-hedgemony.” Media & society. 5th ed. South Melbourne, Vic.: Oxford University Press, 2008. 214. Print.

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