Demonstrable demographics!

When I take a look at advertisements today common themes, are very  prevalent and quite easy to spot. There are multiple themes however not all ad’s are the same but the majority of them in some way shape or form tie back into a couple major ones.  

First, celebrity placement is a very common one from music sensation to athlete extraordinaire, or why not both? One of the blogs I read was on the new FIFA 2014 advertisement which includes both soccer star Lionel Messi and rapping sensation Drake. This  blog, goes on to explain why both are present, and as it turns out it’s not just an advertisement for FIFA 2014, but also for Drake’s new album which as it turns out comes out the same day as the game. So by making one commercial that attempts to sell two very different products, but attaches both names makes people who like one or the other or both pay attention and have that product pushed on them. Although this isn’t a perfect theme by using celebrities people who are fans of these people now will consider these products due to the name attached to it.

A second theme I found was very prevalent was technology and the ease it adds to your life. One of my other classmates found an ad for IPhones,, and how it shows you it’s not just a phone but a tool that helps with your life. In today’s society with new phones coming out all the time, the newest tablet, or the newest app  people want these new things and companies have to get more and more creative to sell their product. What people want now are ways to make their life easier, the IPhone is a perfect example of this  with all the ways it can help us with our social lives, school, and work . Technology in the media is more and more prevalent in today society especially in our demographic(teenagers- mid twenties).

A third very prevalent theme I found is to use humour in an add to get people interested.  In our society, it is very common for a commercial to make its way onto YouTube, or Facebook, or Twitter or many other kinds of social media.  In the case of one such ad campaign, from, he looked at the snickers campaign which focuses on the slogan, “you’re not you when you’re hungry”. There are many commercials now which show one person doing something crazy, a coach yelling random humorous statements(Robin Williams), a person playing sports very poorly(Betty White) to name a few.  So not only is it funny because of the thing there doing, the celebrity they use adds even more humour to the commercial. The humour in these commercials make people think about the product and buy the product.

Humour, technology, and celebrity endorsement are three of the biggest themes I have found in today’s advertisement focused on our demographic, and I think it is perfect fit for us. These advertisements work because they know how we think and all three of these things simply relate to us. 

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