Blog Response 2: Wanted: the media that we need

In today’s society I originally stated that I believed we get the media we get, and that’s all there is to it. I stand by that statement, and thus the genre  that we pick to look at in the media, depends strictly on the kind of important information you receive.  So in my case the important information I receive is typically social and cultural.

            Everyone follows different sections of media, and although getting information is relatively easy, it’s actually going out and searching for it that many of us won’t do. However, in the case of political or economic data it is more of a grey area, we can find information but only the information that is given to the mass where social and the like are often leaked, or given out with a lot more bias.  

            My classmates appear to agree that the media we get is what we get, because people don’t really spend the time looking for things that are out of their social media. As one of my classmates said “I feel as though the more people that get involved in creating this huge social network that is media then the more corrupt it could become.”( which is very logical because everyone is capable of posting media now and with so many flawed sources the big stories is mainly what we get without looking.  A second classmate said “The media and public relations industries are using public media to shape and control the opinions, the stories, and the information that is available to the general population.” ( which we see daily on Facebook on adds and the like media is given that they want us to see so unless people look, which many do not, you won’t see outside it.

                 A third classmate made a counter argument believing the opposite “The second reason is that I believe people have a sense of autonomy, meaning we are able to make informed and capable decisions about what we choose to consume or not consume via the media.” ( ) and although I don’t disagree that we are capable individuals in making informed and capable decisions, I do disagree with choosing what we consume and what we do not. Our friends, or parents or even or co workers, effect what we consume we trust those we know, but they consume and gossip and so we get sucked in. Our society is so ingrained in the media that even when were just talking to our friends we are being manipulated and this is why I disagree with his argument.

                So my belief is that we get media for some subjects like social all the time, and others only if we look simply based on what people want to see. We have a lot of access to the other media types just unless we spend time looking, which very few of us do we simply don’t hear it. 

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