Blog entry number 2: Do we get the media we want, or want the media we get?

In today’s society we get the media we get and there is nothing we can do about it. Media is given to us as the government sees fit, censorship is a part of life as well as things like subliminal advertising. As stated, on page 36 of the text book, “Many media products represent the real world but these media products are not the real world its self”. In other words although the media shows us something we only receive the part of media that the person who publishes it or puts it fourth as that is what media does, it moulds and takes on the opinion of the person who puts it fourth. A second example of this  is on page 37, ” Those people who own, control and create the media are media producers.” The fact that media can be controlled and produced by people goes to show that media is not really absolute, the stories are not completely without bias because as humans we simply are not capable of acting fully without bias. Media shows us a part of the story the underlying facts are typically shown in the story, but it’s the bits and pieces that hold the whole story together can vary and can affect how we see the story.  Media is given to us, and how we perceive it is up to us, but we get the media we get and that’s a fact of life. 

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