1f25 blog response 1: Media Impact on Others

After reading through my classmate’s blogs, I’m even more certain of my belief that our entire society is simply based on the mass media and if it were to shut down for just one day, our society as we know it would crumble. Almost on a daily basis, I hear people complain about bad wifi, or bad cell service and say they don’t know what they would do without their phone. After reading several of the blogs that were posted it seems that I am not only correct in this assumption, but society openly acknowledges this fact.

In one of the blogs I read, one of my classmates openly admits that the media maker her question herself and has an effect on her confidence (http://kendrasamis.wordpress.com/). This fact that some figure can makes normal people in society question themselves just because they are present in the media without even meeting them or acknowledging them in anyway proves what an impact media holds over us all.

A second blog I read one of my classmates admits to the fact that television runs her life. If that’s not a direct implication of how media is affecting people’s live I am not sure what is. The fact that it is not frowned upon or better yet unheard of to watch so much television, is a terrifying thing. Her world view is what she sees on TV not what she sees with her eyes in the real world. That alone gives a bias to everything she hears and see’s because she simply is not present to see it.( http://kc12bq.wordpress.com/)

A third blog that I read has my classmate, saying that  the consciousness industry is having a much larger role on controlling the masses feelings and minds of the masses and society as a whole do to the amount of people who are “tuning in” and simply hearing the story. I could not have said it better myself and so of course how could this not have a drastic effect on how we are viewing everything when mass media is giving us the information in the way they want us to see it. (http://en.wordpress.com/post/)

Although all three of these blogs address a different topic in mass media, the underlying message that mass media affects us all is very boldly presented in each case. These blogs do not surprise me in anyway and It fully leads me to believe that media affects us all more than any other aspect of our lives, and that if we lost mass media ,we would lose society. 

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