Media and Sports



How significant do you think the impact of the mass media is on your worldview? Sports Media is definitely significant on my world view , and as well it is quite possibly one of the most controversial topics in today’s society. Think about it, other than maybe politics (which realistically how many of us actually follow year round?) I can’t think of anything that is more often debated or argued upon. But why is that relevant? Is it such a bad thing that people argue or debate about sports? personally I don’t think it is except for one small part of sports media. I have no problem with someone arguing that “Aaron Rodgers is the best Quarter back in football, or Bautista is the best home run hitter in baseball or even that the Toronto Maple Leafs are the best hockey team in the league”, my issue arises when it’s a debate not over the sport but about their personal lives and not their actions as athletes. I mean think about it, just because you now play a sport you give up your basic rights and your freedom to be a person? I don’t understand why so many sports writers get paid to dig into personal stuff. For example, a wide receiver for the Washington Redskins recently had a mother at the Washington Navy Yard where so many were killed, and it becomes a headline that he was upset she was there. This man goes thru the stress of not being able to here from his mom after a shooting , finally realises she’s alive and a reporter has the nerve to ask him about it? Oh, and in agreement with the union rules they have to answer the media’s question or risk being fined? I say no that’s wrong. To put any human in a situation where they have to answer something so personal can never be right, and I think that media personal should know the difference between getting a story and common decency.  Another example,  is Torrey smith a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens who last season lost his brother on game day to a motorcycle accident, but elected to play the game.  As a result he played one of his very best games of his career hauling in two touchdowns and over 100 yards, and the first question they ask in the news conference?  Oh, I remember, “how are you feeling”. I want everyone who has a sibling to think what your first response would be?  I know my first response would not be civil. I don’t have a problem with the media asking about drugs, arrests, and other such things but lets cut these athletes some slack, family is family and I don’t care who you are you should have the right to deal with emotions about them in your own way, not by being asked about them and forced to answer. 

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