: News, trust, and “truthiness”!

After reading through, quite a number of my classmates blogs the common conclusion seems to be that satirical news reports are not the most reliable type of news report that we have access to. However, although most agreed it is fairly reliable, many seem to be of the opinion its less not false completely . I believe this to be pretty much on par with my argument it needs to be taken with a grain of salt when you hear the story but you still get the majority of the story, not the finer details.

One such quote from one of my classmates  “They report the same or very similar stories as you would see on CBC news or any other legitimate news source but the difference is sources like the Daily Show and The Rick Mercer Report do it in a comedic way.” (http://ashleyadrienne.blogspot.ca/2013/11/is-fake-news-real-news.html). This is one of the strongest argument I think for it being a reliable source despite adding the humour, the story is the same, the details are not which is why it can only give us the main idea but it still provides us most of the information.

A second quote “People don’t want to spend the little free time they get watching depressing news stories, instead they would want to watch something that would make them laugh, feel better and at the same time inform them about what is going on “(http://ha12dz.wordpress.com/).  This also is a great explanation, we don’t have time to watch the news for hours, and in our free time comedy is much more appreciated then normal news because even serious things are lighter to handle. This speaks to the facts that for the media to get us the information they need to concise it and give it to us humorously so yes we lose the smaller details but get the big picture and can look it up if we wish.

A third strong quote in favour of the legitimacy behind these shows ““while these satirical forms of media are often looked upon as more for entertainment than actual knowledge, they do inform the viewer of current events to the same extent that traditional media would” (http://keenbeau80.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/is-the-fake-news-the-real-news/).  This point is a great one because when we do something for enjoyment not for force or something we retain it because of the interest factor. So by doing these stories were learning and we don’t even know it. Like high school you succeed in the classes you enjoy more than the ones you do not.

As I stated my classmates believe these shows add to the media sphere, although are not a perfect story they do allow us to get the bulk of the story. So satirical media should stay a part of television and news reporting. 

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Is the fake news the real news?

Culture jamming, is a part of society as quoted by our textbook “Culture jamming is a mode of resistance to the norms and conventions of mass culture that exposes and opposes the media’s underlying power structures and ideological messages”1.  I take this to mean that it is a type of media which goes against the norm, and shows a different side.

Satirical news reporting such as shows like the Rick mercer report, or the today show would in my mind for sure be example of mainstream culture jamming. The reason shows like this would be considered culture jamming is what the purpose of culture jamming is. Culture jamming main purpose is to raise awareness of consciousness of  social or political issues, It also is uses to criticize and question such things.2

Night time TV and these reality TV shows do all of the above, they question, they bring influential people onto these shows like politicians, iconic media figures and the like and ask them things on national television. It is true they ask only questions which will not blatantly embarrass the people being interviewed but also try and pull out the side of the story we don’t always get. By bringing these people on television, it gives us a chance to hear what they have to say not just read it, where it can be interpreted differently. 

These shows are in my mind one of the only real examples of culture jamming left, do to how they approach the situation. They give us such a different side of the media, compared to the normal question and answer of random interviewers, they give us a face to the questions. By these shows being known for who is doing the questions, it gives us a chance to understand who is doing the asking and learning a sense of trust in what they do. This trust allows for questions to have more meaning and know what they are telling us is more truthful.

Athletes, politician, other well known figures in societies grow up learning about these shows, it’s an honour to be on them and it allows us to trust these people when now on it to get the real truth. The side that we may never see on Facebook, twitter, or other such social media sources as they give us the interesting aspects to gain views, not necessarily the truth. These shows are watching by millions and millions of people, they are on TV because people like them they have gained trust in them and they offer us a change of pace. 



1.Shaughnessy, Michael, and Jane Stadler. “Culture jamming and Counter-hedgemony.” Media & society. 5th ed. South Melbourne, Vic.: Oxford University Press, 2008. 213. Print.

 2.Shaughnessy, Michael, and Jane Stadler. “Culture jamming and Counter-hedgemony.” Media & society. 5th ed. South Melbourne, Vic.: Oxford University Press, 2008. 214. Print.

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Demonstrable demographics!

When I take a look at advertisements today common themes, are very  prevalent and quite easy to spot. There are multiple themes however not all ad’s are the same but the majority of them in some way shape or form tie back into a couple major ones.  

First, celebrity placement is a very common one from music sensation to athlete extraordinaire, or why not both? One of the blogs I read was on the new FIFA 2014 advertisement which includes both soccer star Lionel Messi and rapping sensation Drake. This  blog http://adelina23.wordpress.com/, goes on to explain why both are present, and as it turns out it’s not just an advertisement for FIFA 2014, but also for Drake’s new album which as it turns out comes out the same day as the game. So by making one commercial that attempts to sell two very different products, but attaches both names makes people who like one or the other or both pay attention and have that product pushed on them. Although this isn’t a perfect theme by using celebrities people who are fans of these people now will consider these products due to the name attached to it.

A second theme I found was very prevalent was technology and the ease it adds to your life. One of my other classmates found an ad for IPhones, http://jattinc.wordpress.com/, and how it shows you it’s not just a phone but a tool that helps with your life. In today’s society with new phones coming out all the time, the newest tablet, or the newest app  people want these new things and companies have to get more and more creative to sell their product. What people want now are ways to make their life easier, the IPhone is a perfect example of this  with all the ways it can help us with our social lives, school, and work . Technology in the media is more and more prevalent in today society especially in our demographic(teenagers- mid twenties).

A third very prevalent theme I found is to use humour in an add to get people interested.  In our society, it is very common for a commercial to make its way onto YouTube, or Facebook, or Twitter or many other kinds of social media.  In the case of one such ad campaign, from http://justingmsblog.blogspot.ca/, he looked at the snickers campaign which focuses on the slogan, “you’re not you when you’re hungry”. There are many commercials now which show one person doing something crazy, a coach yelling random humorous statements(Robin Williams), a person playing sports very poorly(Betty White) to name a few.  So not only is it funny because of the thing there doing, the celebrity they use adds even more humour to the commercial. The humour in these commercials make people think about the product and buy the product.

Humour, technology, and celebrity endorsement are three of the biggest themes I have found in today’s advertisement focused on our demographic, and I think it is perfect fit for us. These advertisements work because they know how we think and all three of these things simply relate to us. 

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Blog Response 2: Wanted: the media that we need

In today’s society I originally stated that I believed we get the media we get, and that’s all there is to it. I stand by that statement, and thus the genre  that we pick to look at in the media, depends strictly on the kind of important information you receive.  So in my case the important information I receive is typically social and cultural.

            Everyone follows different sections of media, and although getting information is relatively easy, it’s actually going out and searching for it that many of us won’t do. However, in the case of political or economic data it is more of a grey area, we can find information but only the information that is given to the mass where social and the like are often leaked, or given out with a lot more bias.  

            My classmates appear to agree that the media we get is what we get, because people don’t really spend the time looking for things that are out of their social media. As one of my classmates said “I feel as though the more people that get involved in creating this huge social network that is media then the more corrupt it could become.”( http://askrae.wordpress.com/) which is very logical because everyone is capable of posting media now and with so many flawed sources the big stories is mainly what we get without looking.  A second classmate said “The media and public relations industries are using public media to shape and control the opinions, the stories, and the information that is available to the general population.” (http://tylerkitzul02.wordpress.com/) which we see daily on Facebook on adds and the like media is given that they want us to see so unless people look, which many do not, you won’t see outside it.

                 A third classmate made a counter argument believing the opposite “The second reason is that I believe people have a sense of autonomy, meaning we are able to make informed and capable decisions about what we choose to consume or not consume via the media.” (http://bb11tl.wordpress.com/ ) and although I don’t disagree that we are capable individuals in making informed and capable decisions, I do disagree with choosing what we consume and what we do not. Our friends, or parents or even or co workers, effect what we consume we trust those we know, but they consume and gossip and so we get sucked in. Our society is so ingrained in the media that even when were just talking to our friends we are being manipulated and this is why I disagree with his argument.

                So my belief is that we get media for some subjects like social all the time, and others only if we look simply based on what people want to see. We have a lot of access to the other media types just unless we spend time looking, which very few of us do we simply don’t hear it. 

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Blog entry number 2: Do we get the media we want, or want the media we get?

In today’s society we get the media we get and there is nothing we can do about it. Media is given to us as the government sees fit, censorship is a part of life as well as things like subliminal advertising. As stated, on page 36 of the text book, “Many media products represent the real world but these media products are not the real world its self”. In other words although the media shows us something we only receive the part of media that the person who publishes it or puts it fourth as that is what media does, it moulds and takes on the opinion of the person who puts it fourth. A second example of this  is on page 37, ” Those people who own, control and create the media are media producers.” The fact that media can be controlled and produced by people goes to show that media is not really absolute, the stories are not completely without bias because as humans we simply are not capable of acting fully without bias. Media shows us a part of the story the underlying facts are typically shown in the story, but it’s the bits and pieces that hold the whole story together can vary and can affect how we see the story.  Media is given to us, and how we perceive it is up to us, but we get the media we get and that’s a fact of life. 

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1f25 blog response 1: Media Impact on Others

After reading through my classmate’s blogs, I’m even more certain of my belief that our entire society is simply based on the mass media and if it were to shut down for just one day, our society as we know it would crumble. Almost on a daily basis, I hear people complain about bad wifi, or bad cell service and say they don’t know what they would do without their phone. After reading several of the blogs that were posted it seems that I am not only correct in this assumption, but society openly acknowledges this fact.

In one of the blogs I read, one of my classmates openly admits that the media maker her question herself and has an effect on her confidence (http://kendrasamis.wordpress.com/). This fact that some figure can makes normal people in society question themselves just because they are present in the media without even meeting them or acknowledging them in anyway proves what an impact media holds over us all.

A second blog I read one of my classmates admits to the fact that television runs her life. If that’s not a direct implication of how media is affecting people’s live I am not sure what is. The fact that it is not frowned upon or better yet unheard of to watch so much television, is a terrifying thing. Her world view is what she sees on TV not what she sees with her eyes in the real world. That alone gives a bias to everything she hears and see’s because she simply is not present to see it.( http://kc12bq.wordpress.com/)

A third blog that I read has my classmate, saying that  the consciousness industry is having a much larger role on controlling the masses feelings and minds of the masses and society as a whole do to the amount of people who are “tuning in” and simply hearing the story. I could not have said it better myself and so of course how could this not have a drastic effect on how we are viewing everything when mass media is giving us the information in the way they want us to see it. (http://en.wordpress.com/post/)

Although all three of these blogs address a different topic in mass media, the underlying message that mass media affects us all is very boldly presented in each case. These blogs do not surprise me in anyway and It fully leads me to believe that media affects us all more than any other aspect of our lives, and that if we lost mass media ,we would lose society. 

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Media and Sports



How significant do you think the impact of the mass media is on your worldview? Sports Media is definitely significant on my world view , and as well it is quite possibly one of the most controversial topics in today’s society. Think about it, other than maybe politics (which realistically how many of us actually follow year round?) I can’t think of anything that is more often debated or argued upon. But why is that relevant? Is it such a bad thing that people argue or debate about sports? personally I don’t think it is except for one small part of sports media. I have no problem with someone arguing that “Aaron Rodgers is the best Quarter back in football, or Bautista is the best home run hitter in baseball or even that the Toronto Maple Leafs are the best hockey team in the league”, my issue arises when it’s a debate not over the sport but about their personal lives and not their actions as athletes. I mean think about it, just because you now play a sport you give up your basic rights and your freedom to be a person? I don’t understand why so many sports writers get paid to dig into personal stuff. For example, a wide receiver for the Washington Redskins recently had a mother at the Washington Navy Yard where so many were killed, and it becomes a headline that he was upset she was there. This man goes thru the stress of not being able to here from his mom after a shooting , finally realises she’s alive and a reporter has the nerve to ask him about it? Oh, and in agreement with the union rules they have to answer the media’s question or risk being fined? I say no that’s wrong. To put any human in a situation where they have to answer something so personal can never be right, and I think that media personal should know the difference between getting a story and common decency.  Another example,  is Torrey smith a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens who last season lost his brother on game day to a motorcycle accident, but elected to play the game.  As a result he played one of his very best games of his career hauling in two touchdowns and over 100 yards, and the first question they ask in the news conference?  Oh, I remember, “how are you feeling”. I want everyone who has a sibling to think what your first response would be?  I know my first response would not be civil. I don’t have a problem with the media asking about drugs, arrests, and other such things but lets cut these athletes some slack, family is family and I don’t care who you are you should have the right to deal with emotions about them in your own way, not by being asked about them and forced to answer. 

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